One-of-a-kind Golf, Beach and Marina Resort Development, Dominican Republic

A large development In a perfect location on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, including a unique golf development, large marina and private mooring facilities, upmarket real estate developments, hotel and leisure activities of all calibre, all the way from eco-tourism in an eco-lodge right next to the mangroves, via a stunning beach hotel on an island all the way to a coastal village with a port, marina facilities and prime housing with your own mooring. This resort has it all. Several miles of coastline, 2 little islands, large sand beaches, dunes, mangroves, rocky cliffs, perfect golf land and a lot of space for real estate developments in a unique location right on the Atlantic coast. We know a lot of good resort locations on this globe, but there are not many places which would have a comparable potential.

Stop looking for a good place to develop – this is it!

You have the chance to invest in a complete resort with a unique golf facility of 2 high end golf courses each with 18 holes, a 9 hole academy course and a superior golf academy. The resort will hold a very attractive marina and port facility with marina village and lots of real estate potential on the highest possible level, thus giving the development a great return on your investment. We are looking for investment partners, be it for the total investment or for part investment, be it an active partners or an investor.

REF GLD-Investment / Resort 05 / DR2
Type Large Golf and Marina Resort on the beach in a prime tourist destination with 2 x 18 holes, golf academy, marina and private mooring concept
Location Dominican Republic, North coast in a prime location, highly attractive landscape and unique scenery. Everything from sandy beaches to cliffs. 2 little islands are part of the development.
Status Conceptual Masterplanning Phase. Resort concept finalised. Zoning finalised. Detail planning and permitting under work.
Realisation Start of construction possible in 2015
Investment Total or part investment possible. Please ask for details.
Access Good access via roads, international airports nearby
Land / Size app. 300 ha land under buying option. Various land forms from shallow mangrove bays, sandy beaches to rock cliffs. Rolling land, partially linksy sand dune structure. Stunning sea views and into the mountains close to the site.
Land use app. 90 ha resort housing area, hotel and other real estate zonesapp. 155 ha golf course area (2 x 18 holes, 9 hole short course, large golf academy as well as other sports areasapp. 15 ha of marina and marina housing zones

app. 40 ha landscaped areas, parks, mangroves, beaches and reserve areas

Permits Zoning permits granted and valid, project fully supported and seen positively
Status Project Master Plan fully developed. Ready to go in the detail planning and permitting followed by construction.
Infrastructure Several services available nearby or on site, roads and services ready for detail planning and construction. Additional services to be implemented on site during the resort development phase and as part of the investment.
Design / Planning Urban Design on Master Plan level is finalised, yet still can be altered if wished so.Basic architectural concepts are prepared.Architectural plans and details to be worked out
Real Estate App. 90 ha gross area for real estate developments, additional app 10 ha of marina real estate.A total of app. 1200 units of real estate presently zoned, several hotels and accommodation, serviced apartment complexes, condo zones and corporate lodges planned.
USPs Marina and marina housing. Private mooring villas. Polynesian style village in bay. Eco-village and tree-top trail next to mangroves. Floating apartments in bay. Unique golf resort and branded academy.
Resort Facilities Marina on island with port village and accommodation, main hotel on island, beach hotel on main beach, casino hotel near main entrance, golf club, sports club, beach club, spas and pool areas, shopping area, business centre and conference, event and entertainment area.
Sports / Events 2 x 18 holes golf courses, 9 hole Academy golf course, with superior practise facilities and branded golf academy. Golf course design very much advanced and ready to go into construction following detail permits.Marina and port facilities in the bay still to be detailed and permitted.All other sports, leisure and event facilities open to detail planning during the resort realisation phase.


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