Golf & Land is a design company well established in the golf industry with a broad experience and market insight in many regions the world over. We know where you can find good investment in safe and profitable projects, where you can find your dream property on a golf course or where you will be able to invest in outstanding properties in one of the prime tourist destinations all over the world. We cooperate with an international network of prime real estate agents that guide you through all phases of your investment in a highly professional and efficient way.

Professional investors, have a look at our first class resort developments in prime locations looking for investment partners, be it full or part investment in projects under development, in the permitting phase or ready to go into construction. Our main project locations are in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovak Republic, Serbia, Hungary) as well as along the Mediterranean (Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Greek, Cyprus, Turkey, Tunisia) all the way into the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Cuba, Aruba, Curacao). Via partner companies we also have superior contacts into the Asian investment market, as well as into North America.

Dealing with landscape and environmental aspects in so many different locations, by chance we got involved in waste treatment combined with energy production and can propose several extremely interesting high yield investments to serious investors. We will keep you informed on the development of this fascinating technology all around the low temperature conversion of waste (LTC technology) and turning this into clean electric energy as well as petrochemical spin-off products such as special ashes, fuels and gas. A Return on Investment as short as 2 to 3 years makes your investment highly profitable and returns a long term high yield to our partners in the investment. Projects are ready to go in Places like Cyprus, Malta, Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republic, a series of developments of any calibre in the Dominica Republic, many more in the Middle East, North and South Africa, as well as in the Americas. Let’s talk on this unique opportunity.

May we ask serious investors to please contact the Golf & Land Design office for further details.


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