Austerlitz Golf Course (CZ): Redesign of Green 4

Austerlitz Golf Course is the most difficult course we ever did regarding elevation. The lowest part of the course is around 210 m above sea level, the highest part is slightly above 325 m, resulting in approximately  115 m of change in elevation. Clubhouse and range are in the low part of the land, 1 – 3 are gently going up, hole 4 is a short par 4 raising from the tees (240 m) to the green (275 m) straight up the hill, very difficult to design and build.

And – right from the beginning – this green #4 was shaped with too much slope, just too steep and with very few pin positions, hardly visible from the fairway and extremely hard to play. This is the most difficult and actually rather unfair green on the course.

It will be redone! A provisory green will be built and green #4 including the approach and all the surrounding area will be redesigned and completely rebuild.

We started with the redesign. This little renovation will make sure that the Austerlitz Golf Course will keep its top 10 ranking in the Czech Republic for years to come and will be even more attractive to play.

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