Venus Rock Resort, Cyprus: Changes and new development aspects?

It has been much more than one year since we expected to get a go-ahead for a second, high standard 18 hole golf course in the Secret Valley in Cyprus. All plans, working drawings, specifications and tender documents were finalised then, since October 2012 we were all ready to build the second course, start finalising the golf developments and turn the Venus Rock Resort into the main golf destination in Cyprus. Works on the first 18 hole course were finalized in May 2013, the course is in play since October 2013.

However, there were negotiations and ongoing talks with a foreign investor, which took much longer than expected. Construction works for the second golf course have not been started.

Looks like things are moving again and there might be some changes coming up regarding the investment. We are very happy to hear about changes taking place and look forward to a restart of the project in the near future.

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