18 + 9 Hole Golf Resort Development in Eastern Austria


In Eastern Austria close to Lake Neusiedel and in a well established tourist destinations, right in one of the best red wine producing areas and a charming rural Golf & Land Design has developed a unique 18 + 9 hole golf resort with a real estate and boutique hotel development right on the golf course. The development will all be on land owned by the developing company and has the potential for second 18 hole golf and real estate development on this plot.

You have the chance to invest in a complete resort with 18 + 9 hole golf resort, a superior golf academy with a large sports centre and football academy included, located right in the wineland, with a boutique hotel, a sports hotel, a small shopping and business area and with a large real estate development holding golf and resort villas, townhouses and condos, apartments and corporate lodges, thus giving the development a unique potential for a great return on your investment. We are looking for investment partners, be it for the total investment or for part investment, be it an active partners or an investor.

REF GLD-Investment / Resort 02 / A
Type 18 + 9 hole Golf Resort in Eastern Austria in a prime tourist destination
Location Eastern Austria, rolling country, rural surrounding yet close to the metropolitan areas of Vienna (A), Bratislava (SK) and Györ (HU), a good tourist destination with hot thermal spas nearby, highly attractive landscape and unique scenery, with superior wineries in the neighbourhood.
Realisation Start of construction possible in mid 2015
Investment Total or part investment possible. Please ask for details.
Access Perfect access via highways / federal roads, close to international airports
Land / Size app. 125 ha land secured, all land owned by development company.
Land use app. 25 ha resort housing areaapp. 80 ha golf course areaapp. 10 ha landscaped and sports areas
Permits Zoning permits granted, Environmental Impact Assessment being carried out. Positive reaction to this development. All permits needed should be granted by mid 2015.
Status Project Master Plan fully developed. EIA under preparation.
Infrastructure All services available nearby or on site, roads and services ready for detail planning and construction
Design / Planning Urban Design on Master Plan level is finalised, yet still can be altered if wished so.Basic architectural concepts are prepared.Architectural plans and details to be worked out
Real Estate Appr. 25 ha gross area for phase 1, another 25 to 30 ha possible in a phase 2 development. We prepare for golf villas, resort  villas, village style townhouses, apartments and corporate lodges.
USP Wine estate villas with your private little vineyard, winery and wine tasting chalet within the resort and right on the golf course
Resort Facilities Sports hotel with existing sports academy, boutique style resort hotel, next to golf club, sports club, spas and pool areas, small shopping area, resort business centre and conference, event and entertainment area
Sports 18 + 9 holes golf course with superior practise facilities, design finalised and ready to go into construction.Existing sports club with gym, spa, tennis, beach volleyball, lap pool all focused around an international football academy.Small sports and leisure activities.


 Further information on the project can be found on our website by clicking here



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