Steuerberg – Recreation Park

Planning and Realisation: 2000-2002

Location: Kärnten, Austria

Description: The idea was to create a multifunctional leisure and recreation park in the centre of Steuerberg. As an extension to the existing park, the planned leisure and recreation park should show different topics related to the twin cities in Slovenia and Italy.

1. Contents of the leisure and recreation park
2. Stimulate minds and activate fantasy
3. Increase of knowledge and personal abilities
4. Attractive common areas, multifunctional areas and relaxation areas
5. Contact to new media, video screens, internet terminals
6. An open air stage, a „Green Class Room“, a chat-room and common area were planned to integrate all these topics. Further playing areas including water and sand, small wooden houses and trees and bushes were part of the concept.
7. While planning and during construction process the main intention was to integrate the existing structures to the new concept, to avoid building an artificial world.

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