Ritzing Sport & Beach Area

ritzing sport-visp-sport-beach_masterplan-500-a2

Location: Burgenland, Austria

Description: The total area of the golf project Ritzing is more than 150 ha and contains two 18 hole golf courses, one 9 hole short course, a large golf academy, three residential areas and the enlargement of the existing sport areas with an own centre and a hotel.

Near the road, leading to Ritzing, three football grounds and one sand area (for 3 beach volleyball grounds and 1 beach soccer ground. with a tribune) are planned. In addition to the beach volleyball grounds you will find a 3000 m² beach area opposite to the hotel. This contains a party zone with a café, barbecue, changing rooms, whirlpools, swimming ponds, lying area, open air cinema and a crag.

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