Przytok Golf Resort, Poland: Start of construction works in April 2014?

Looks like this golf project will kick-off any minute and get into the construction phase. Everybody is excited and ready to get the golf course established.

There still are some permitting issues to be finalised, not too difficult nor time demanding to get solved, however. We hope for a start of works in April 2014 and to have them finalised in 2014, getting the course ready for play in mid 2015. Most likely all construction works will be managed by the Client directly together with a team of international specialists hired for the job, teaming up with local construction companies. This kind of in-house construction as a joint effort between client, developer, contractors and specialist freelancers seems to become a more and more popular way of building golf courses.

Let’s see, how the course will turn out – we are targeting for a very high standard.

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