New golf projects coming up in Serbia?

Serbia, mainly the Belgrade metropolitan area is one of the most rapidly growing regions in Europe, and Golf & Land Design is involved with several golf projects there. We know of one project in the Northern part of the country, another one in the central region near Novi Sad and 3 projects in the Belgrade area. And – we would like to see all of them come alive. Saying so, we will definitely stay out of one of the Belgrade developments. Although the location of this project is very good, we will keep out due to different visions regarding the project development and a different understanding of cooperation. Just to make sure – we do not at all talk about the Serbian side, much rather about the foreign golf consultants involved in this project – their approach to things is not ours!

Anyway – let’s hope there will be some good golf developments coming up in Serbia – we will try to achieve the best possible on those projects we can work on and for the local golf community.

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