Investment opportunities in Golf & Resort developments

GLD Fontana Resort Masterplan

Golf & Land Design has developed a series of high standard golf resorts in many countries. Part of these developments are still looking for investment. With a new additional category on our website “INVESTMENTS“, we want to introduce these unusual investment opportunities to you.

All our projects are located in stable economies, in good tourist destinations or in urban areas, they have been developed to a high project status and are in various stages of development, all ready for investment and all with an outstanding potential for an unusually good return on investment.

Our best investment opportunities are located in

  • the Eastern part of Austria, all with thermal spa potential and in the wine country, great scenery and perfect locations,
  • along the Northern and central coastline of Croatia and on stunning inland locations with exceptional vista, landscape and environmental qualities, all with olive groves and vineyards right next to the site
  • and along the North coast of the Dominican Republic, all resorts right on the beach, in stunning locations and in prime tourist places

as well as in several other countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean.

We invite you to frequently check into the investment opportunities listed and to contact Golf & Land Design for more details.

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