How To – use the website

A short introduction to how-to use the GLD Website.

The site is divided into the “home” screen which will show you our

  • menu items
  • slider and introduction
  • the latest 4 posts on the site.
  • and on the bottom a general sub-divisions of the site (including Projects and Post-tags)

Clicking on a menu-item will take you to the respective page. This will include information about the office, project references, posts (news), galleries of images or videos etc. The general sub-division will move to the right-side once you navigate away from the home screen.

This sub-division can be used as a “quick link” to view Projects, or view all posts tagged with the same words.

We mark our Posts with “tags”. This way you can view all posts marked (or tagged) with a certain word. Clicking on a certain tag will show all posts with that respective tag and this can be though of as grouping posts together as needed.

This might sound more complicated than it is, simply give it a try, navigate through the site, try the search bar and click on the tags. We are sure you will find your way around but should there be any information or further questions do not hesitate to contact us (by clicking on CONTACT in the menu) or following this link.

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