High Yield Investments: Waste Treatment and Energy Production by LTC-plants

To develop new golf resorts, Golf & Land Design is cooperating with several local and regional project partners. On all of these projects we came across similar procedures, problems and one highly attractive investment opportunity, which we want to share with potential partners looking for investment with an exceptionally positive return.

Dealing with the waste treatment aspects as part of a resort development and via our project partners we have a unique access to the community waste treatment problem and have prepared several locations for combined waste treatment – energy plants transforming deposited communal waste into high yield, clean energy investments. These plants transform ordinary waste into electric energy based on the “Low Temperature Conversion”-technology and are designed as environmentally friendly closed “zero-emmision” systems. Besides electric energy, synthetic diesel or liquid gas these plants produce valuable process heat and a series of “leftovers” resulting out of the low temperature conversion process, such as special charcoals, ashes and minerals.

Together with local partners GLD has developed and permitted these plants in several locations, all including agreements to feed the electric energy produced into the local grids, resulting in an exceptionally quick and high return on the investment (ROI is 3 to 5 years depending on local market conditions!). Our projects looking for investment are located in Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Poland, several Middle East countries as well as in North Africa, South Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, mainly the Dominican Republic, where we have more than 20 sites secured for immediate investment.

Serious investors please contact Golf and Land Design for details.

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