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We check our website analytics frequently and find a steady rise in visitors and visits, a rather good bounce rate and growing figures in page views and duration of stay on our website. The renovated site still needs some improvements, but we are quite happy with results.

Checking into searches leading to the Golf & Land Design – website we found a really good one on Sunday, March 30th, 2014:

golf course landscape design company in AUSTRALIA

and GLD as a golf course and landscape design company in AUSTRIA had a hit!

A big smile, a grateful “Thank you” to the respective search engine and just to make sure: There are no kangaroos in Austria and we are pretty much on the other side of the globe, more or less opposite of Australia. Anyway: We like both places very much. Cheers to you guys down under from us up here yodelling when we play golf in the mountains ;-))

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