GKG Green 18 – Iceland

GKG Green 18

The municipal golf club of Gardabær & Kópavogur (GKG) in Iceland is starting construction of their new clubhouse.

As the new clubhouse is taking up more space we were assigned with relocating and designing the new 18th green and surroundings. With a first site visit this summer we started construction now after the main golf season slowed down. Even around the 0° Celsius mark golfers are still showing up to play onto the winter greens, as long as there is no (or not too much) snow on the ground Icelandic golfers will keep on playing.

We managed in this short week to rough shaping of the green and bunkers all the way down to the turning point where a temporary green will be laid down making the last hole a par 3 during the construction period. The project moved very well and we are all excited to see the final outcome

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