Cap El Limon – Samana, Dominican Republic

Passing by the Cap El Limon project early March 2014 next to the entrance road I noticed a billboard showing the current resort layout – and that was quite astonishing. All holes in this golf layout seemed to be pretty much the same, all very short somehow dogleg Par 4’s, actually Par 3’s in length and all similar in shape, strategy, concept and design approach. Looks like a lot of cut and paste done in this concept and not much to scale, actually. Measuring the golf area shown, we found it is approx. 430.000 m2 / 43 ha only, way too little for regular 18 holes.

To visualize how golf holes could fit the land and how much area would be needed for regular 18 holes, we did a comparison of our old concept for this project and the one shown on Cap El Limon’s website.
It would be our pleasure to work over the concept and show possibilities for a realistic golf development on this very attractive piece of land.

Drag the slider to compare the images, the one the left is Golf & Land Design’s layout proposal and the on the right is Cap El Limon current masterplan.



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