New Secret Valley – online reviews before and after redesign

A golf project is long process from first discussion to the grand opening day.
Years of work, alterations, site visits and planning, all in the hope that the golfers, who have the final word on the product, will celebrate your envisions and enjoy the golf course.

Therefor it takes years to finally get a review of your work from the harsh critics golfers are.
Now with online-platforms which allow for more direct and varied feedback from golfers, even as they play, provides us with a first-hand glance into their experience of the golf course and services.

We are therefore glad to see comments such as this below where it is obvious that the New Secret Valley golf course at Venus Rock Resort, which has replaced the previous one, is already getting positive reviews. This website shows average reviews before redesign (2011) and more recent (2013) excellent reviews for the new course. This is a trend we see in other reviews of the New Secret Valley Golf Course as well

We are glad to help bringing courses up-to-date, revive their glory for the benefit of golfers and clients.

secret valley review

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