Rural with a modern flair

page3The Resort conceptĀ is based on capturing the rural, tranquil elements of the Croatian nature and country living.

The concept of renewal does not mean out with the old in with the new. On the contrary it is the projects intention to preserve the cultural and architectural values found in this area. To reconstruct and renovate the existing buildings, to preserve the existing natural elements and structures regularly associated in the Brdo area, such as the terraced structures and the stone retaining walls and houses.

New buildings would be designed as a typical Istrian house in a series or as individual homes on their own land. The hill side placement of the units would allow all residential units unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape while maintaining the characteristics urban identity.

In what would be a new development in this Istrian rural environment will honour the local architecture with a modern flair while staying in touch with surrounding nature and culture, while still establishing its own distinctive identity with-in the area.